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Physical Therapist

My experience in sports rehabilitation working with athletes with shoulder, knee, and hip pathologies. My past experience with personal training allows me to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and strength training. 

Anar Aliev PT, DPT

  • Board Certified Physical Therapist

5 out of 5


Get to know Dr. Anar Aliev PT, DPT

Dr. Anar Aliev graduated with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from College of Staten Island, CUNY in 2021. With advanced clinical training in treatments for the shoulder, knee, and hip. Dr. Aliev brings his  knowledge of exercise science, manual techniques, and positive outlook to the Riser patient population. Dr. Aliev believes that successful physical therapy revolves around empowering patients to become responsible for their own recovery, while effectively guiding them through the phases of rehabilitation. His passion for strength and conditioning is reflected in this therapeutic approach.


  • Board Certified Physical Therapist

Training Institutions:

  • College of Staten Island, City University of New York - Department of Physical Therapy 

Previous Positions:

  • Hospital for Special Surgery, Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Lab 

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