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Suzanna Gershkovich, Pilates


Pilates Expert

My love of helping people feel good in their own bodies, giving them the tools to get stronger, connect deeper to their breath and leave therapy feeling more empowered and aligned with their bodies.

Suzanna Gershkovich Pilates

  • ​Rehab based Pilates Instructor

Get to know Suzanna Gershkovich

Suzanna Gershkovich is the Pilates director for Riser Physical Medicine.  She is a certified Mat and Props-based Pilates practitioner, and is currently completing an advanced reformer certification with the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Suzanna believes that Pilates can help individuals of all fitness levels attain strength from the inside, out. She helps her clients focus on appropriate breathing techniques, specific muscle recruitment, and efficient spinal positioning during her Pilates classes.

In addition to being an avid Pilates enthusiast, Suzanna is certified in TRX based activities, and completing a Barre exercise certification. She is enthusiastic about working with the Riser client population, and integrating Pilates activities into the rehabilitation process.

Training Institutions:

  • Mat - Power Pilates

  • Apparatus - Polestar Pilates

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