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Physical Therapy

At Riser, we move beyond traditional physical therapy - we also incorporate pilates, chiro, and acupuncture when appropriate. 

The Chiropractic Dept. at Riser Physical Medicine is an integral part of our facility and our clients quest for total wellness. The human spinal column is our body's central stabilizer, and can often become misaligned due to repetitive daily stress, injury, or trauma. Our chiropractic team specializes in cervical, thoracic, and lumbar conditions to ensure total spine health. The Chiropractors at Riser utilize Active Release, Graston, advanced manipulation, and pain modulation techniques to treat your impairments.

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Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin, sterile, and disposable needles at strategic points in the body.

The National Institute of Health has reported acupuncture to be effective in treating various acute and chronic conditions. Studies have shown acupuncture to be effective for treating musculoskeletal pain, depression, migraines, seasonal allergies, and irritable bowel syndrome. Acupuncture can also be effective for releasing trigger points, which can cause chronic muscle tension and joint pain.

Pilates is a low-impact exercise program which promotes strength, stability, and flexibility. We use Pilates as part of our therapy process because of its positive effects on postural muscles and joint mobility. At Riser Physical in NYC, we offer one-on-one rehabilitation-based mat and reformer Pilates sessions individually catered towards each patient's needs.  Our physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and Pilates experts work together as a team to create a custom treatment plan for each patient. Each Pilates session is focused on building strength and mobility to help recover and heal faster.


Choose Riser


At Riser, we’re committed to helping you achieve a healthier, happier, pain-free, and more active You.


Our team at Riser Physical specializes in treating musculoskeletal issues. At Riser, we will help you understand your condition and create a treatment plan that’s right for your needs.

Physical therapy is a perfect option for people looking for a non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatment for their joint, bone, or muscle condition.

We have an amazing team of licensed and experienced physical therapists, chiropractors, pilates experts, and acupuncturists who can help you get started on improving your quality of life.

If you work with us, you can expect an integrative treatment that is not only evidence-based, but also personal. We give special attention to each and every one of our patients and try to make each session better than the last.

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We offer physical therapy in Union Square, Hudson Yards, and Murray Hill in New York City, where you can come and talk to us about your concerns. We also do virtual appointments.

If you’d like to get in touch with us for an in-office or virtual appointment (your choice), you can call us at 646-661-2181, email us at, or click the button below to book an appointment.

Riser Physical Therapy Clinic

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